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NOISE comes to you. This eliminates the cost and trouble of bussing to another location and ensures a performance atmosphere that is familiar and comfortable. The performance can be staged in the school auditorium, cafeteria, or large classroom, depending on the size of the audience. All that’s needed is:

✏ Empty stage or open floor area—20' wide by 12’ deep
✏ General lighting, room or stage type
✏ One tuned, playable piano
✏ 30-minute set-up time before performance
✏ A good map to your location

NOISE is now taking reservations for the March 2020 tour. You can easily program our production into your school day. Performances may be scheduled mornings and afternoons, five days a week. For reservations and information please call our booking agent at (206) 633-0635 or email us at noiseforkids@gmail.com.

Our performance fee is an affordable $600.00 (for six professional performing artists, costumes, sets and props). There is a minimal, extra charge to cover ferry fares, mileage, and/or overnight expenses when applicable.


NOISE provides each school with an educational packet which is:

✏ aligned with Common Core State Standards in English/Language Arts and Mathematics
✏ developmentally appropriate and includes assessment tools
✏ integrated thematically in units
✏ helpful in preparation for the Smarter Balanced English Language Arts and Math tests and the science MSP


“By far the best assembly we have each year—loved by students, parents and staff.”

Larry Cook, Principal Osborn Elementary, Leavenworth